Identity is Security: Living in a Zero Trust World

There is a philosophy in security that has quickly taken off: zero trust. Our Senior Identity Strategist David Lee shared the whys and the hows of what zero trust means in the context of identity with Security Today. The moral of the story is this: zero trust is simply a new way of life in the security world, and is something we should be implementing in our work and personal lives.

Speaking of trust, are you one to click accept on terms and conditions by default? (Spoiler alert: most of us do) This week, we learned that more than a third of all Google Chrome extensions ask users for permission to access and read all their data on any website. But wait, there’s more! Most of them don’t even have a privacy policy in place. Essentially, many browser extensions are providing unbridled access to user data and with full permission to do so.

On the breach front, the numbers are in and 2018 was yet another Year of the Breach. In total there were more than 6,000 breaches and 5 billion exposed records. Knowing that it can sometimes take months or even years to discover a data breach, we can probably expect those numbers to grow.

These are just a few of the stories that caught our attention this week. What security news did you read?