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Identity is Security: Get Ahead of the Game

It was another busy week in identity and security, with Infosecurity Europe and Gartner’s Security & Risk Management Summit both taking place and spurring even more conversations about security.

First up in the headlines – Apple made an interesting move to try to convert users to Safari with plans to bake in privacy controls in Safari, including a built-in bouncer and attempts to make ‘fingerprinting’ more difficult. It’ll be interesting to see if/when the other browsers follow suit.

Much like any major, global event, cyber attention is being brought to the World Cup in Russia. In just a couple of weeks, millions will tune into this annual spectacle. Meanwhile, hackers might be tuning into viewers’ internet-connected devices. Kaspersky Lab found that 11 host cities, from Moscow to Sochi, did not have secure Wi-Fi hotspots in many popular viewing areas.

We’ve also got an update from last week’s VPNFilter news, and it isn’t pretty. Cisco found that it has a broader effect than originally thought, including 11 or more hardware vendors and more infection capabilities. It’s hard to say exactly what the ripple (or tidal wave) of consequences will come from this, but it’s yet another reminder to stay vigilant, patch your software and be alert to suspicious activity on your computer and in your accounts.

And finally, the cherry on top of this week’s cybersecurity sundae is our own research, which we shared at Infosecurity in London: We asked 400 IT decision makers to quantify the number of attacks experienced in the last 12 months and the resulting financial damage. Spoiler alert: the breaches are all-too-common and the cost isn’t cheap. With almost half of enterprises experiencing a cyberattack in the past year, every business should have their attention squarely on protecting their company from a cyberattack.

Yes, these are trying times in the security world. But what’s most important is that we stay alert, informed and properly equipped so we can stay ahead of threats and keep moving forward. That’s why our mantra is identity is security.

Until next week, stay secure!

Editor’s note: At SailPoint, we know that identity is security, so we keep a pulse on what’s happening in cybersecurity every day. This weekly post features some of the biggest stories of the week and ones that may have flown under the radar. Check in each week for a news roundup and share what you’re reading with us by tweeting us at @SailPoint.