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Identity is Security: Cyberstrong

We made it! Another week in cybersecurity behind us, and a lot of good and not-so-good news to review.

First up, the continuation of military cyber-readiness. Cyberspace is as in need of protection as any of the other four “domains” – land, space, air and sea. Actions continue to speak for themselves, and this week that took the shape of the Marine Corps Cyber Auxiliary. This new initiative is quite interesting as the members of this organization won’t go through traditional training or adhere to the standard uniform and grooming, but rather serve as a resource for those in uniform.

On a similar page, a survey out this week brought some focus to how we can help lend each other a helping hand. The survey of IT professionals found that most are willing to share more intel to help combat cybersecurity threats. What really caught our attention in this survey though, is how many are not relying on human intel. 73% are exploring AI and machine learning to help them better bolster their cyber defenses – an outlook we are familiar with at SailPoint. In this day and age, the volume of users and data is just too vast to be secured by man alone.

And finally, we close out this week’s round-up pointing to a story on why we need to have these conversations regularly: cyberattacks in the UK rose by 140% in the past year. Our own research found that most UK professionals see security as a priority for all, not just cybersecurity professionals, so how do we use that good intent to make a dent in the increasing cyberattacks? While the weekly news cycle may feel like the same song and dance on repeat, it’s more of a slow and steady walk to discover what will make us stronger in the end.

Until next week!