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Identity is Security: Cyberschool is in Session

We love Fridays, and not just because we love the weekend. It’s also the day that we stop and review all the interesting things that happened in the world of security.

This week we saw a lot of development across the pond, as the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre held their CYBERUK conference in Glasgow. One thing that really caught my attention was this new online cyber fitness test for business in the UK. This new program dubbed “Exercise in a Box” will present businesses with common threats that they can use to prepare for the real deal. It’s interesting to see this very programmatic approach to security on the government level, and I’m interested to see the outcome of this initiative.

Under “things I bookmarked” this week is this really handy glossary of privacy jargon the New York Times assembled. As we all know, privacy is the topic that just won’t quit (nor should it!), so keep that list close by.

And finally, we wrap up this week’s news in review with this article on why security goes beyond IT. We’ve continued to see security reach into the depths of our businesses and personal lives, and we can’t possibly expect IT to be the bearer of that entire burden. Check out the full article in TEISS and then let us know what you read this week!