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Identity Goes to Vegas: Gartner IAM

What do you get when you cross identity with Las Vegas? You get Gartner IAM, of course! This week, the identity community descended upon Caesar’s Palace to close out the year with an identity bang. Today, we will take a look back at some of the biggest moments from the show. 

And the Magic 8 Ball Says…

The future of identity is here! Companies are facing big changes in their programs, and we got many questions at our booth about what lies in store as AI and machine learning technologies redefine how businesses do identity. We were lucky to have Kayla Williams from our customer LogMeIn speaking at the conference to share exactly what that journey should look like. We caught up with her in the halls before her session, and you can catch that conversation below. Stay tuned for a full recap of her session on the blog soon!

Identity Karaoke

If you had to describe identity in a song, what would it be? Our CPO Paul Trulove shared his pick and some great insights into the past, present and future of identity on the show floor. Listen in our conversation with him below and then give a shout on Twitter or LinkedIn to let us know what your identity theme song.

FAQs: Answered

I believe the scientific term for our booth at Gartner this year would be: hopping. You hear these buzzwords – AI and machine learning – but what do they look like in practice? Our crew delivered as people stopped by to see what SailPoint Predictive Identity is all about. There were a few FAQs, so we had our friend Donovan Blaylock share those answers with us from the show floor.

That concludes our Gartner IAM programming for 2019, and we couldn’t feel more energized about empowering businesses with identity. Will you step into the future of identity with us? We’ll be here with you every step of the way.