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How to simplify healthcare access for non-employees

Today, healthcare organizations manage a wide range of identities beyond employees. Contractors, affiliate physicians, travel nurses, flex nurses, and medical students make up a large percentage of their workforce and manually reviewing and granting access can be error-prone and extremely time-consuming. However, automating secure access and simplifying onboarding can bring all these critical non-employee identities under control.  

That’s where SailPoint comes in. Our Non-Employee Risk Management provides healthcare organizations with a powerful identity security solution that extends advanced governance controls to large and complex populations of non-employee users. Together with SailPoint Identity Security Cloud, your business can secure your third-party identities and automate provisioning to ensure productivity on day one while reducing shared, over-provisioned, and orphaned account access 

Learn how we can execute risk-based identity access and lifecycle strategies for your entire population of non-employees.