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How to Overcome the Security Challenges of a Remote Workforce

With unprecedented times come unprecedented measures, and those measures don’t come without the potential for added risk. Almost overnight, organizations had to adapt to changing business needs and roles, with many reverting to a nearly 100% remote workforce. To keep the business up and running, many took shortcuts to more quickly provide their workers with access to the apps and data needed to do their jobs.

But with shortcuts like these comes the potential for great risk. For example, workers who are given too much access are suddenly a very interesting target for a hacker looking to poke around, seeking access to applications that a particular worker may not use very often, if at all. With 61% of organizations expressing concern about attacks targeting work from home employees[1], the problem is very real with so many businesses operating virtually at the moment.

This begs the question: what is the right path forward given today’s remote workforce reality? The first step in securing your remote workforce is to answer these three critical questions:

  1. Who currently has access?
  2. How is this access being used?
  3. Who should have access?

To answer these questions quickly and thoroughly is crucial, not just for security and compliance concerns but from a business enablement perspective, too. Now more than ever, the ability to balance the need to work efficiently and securely is a necessity.

Organizations must be confident that all of its workers not only have access that is appropriate but that they can identify and reconcile any excess permissions quickly. Building a strong identity foundation that can adapt to changing business needs (pandemic or not) will ensure that today’s business is always prepared to move forward without risking data privacy concerns or potentially failing a future compliance audit. With SailPoint’s AI-enabled identity platform, businesses now have the visibility they need into their workforce’s access, with key identity analytics needed to speed smarter identity decisions.

Watch this webinar to learn more about how SailPoint can help enable your organization to accomplish all of these objectives.