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How do we quickly go digital?

That seems to be a common question these days as the “virus that must not be named” has catapulted us into a strange new world where toilet paper is the new currency. All jokes aside, our personal lives will never be the same, and ultimately our work lives now have a void we are all trying hard to fill.

When I say void, I don’t mean it in a negative way; I mean it in the most exciting way. With conferences, events and tradeshows canceled or delayed, we’ve revisited one of our main principles… innovation. Hackers don’t stop, and in fact, they’re taking this opportunity to interject themselves into an already stressful situation. So how can we get information out when we can’t meet you in person anymore?

Well, we developed the Digital Events Hub which houses content that would otherwise be at these events, and a new video series entitled Identity Talks, which are demos, interviews and FAQs, released daily. Our hope is to continue to give you the information you need to do your job effectively — especially now when you need it the most.

Our new remote workstyle has created security gaps for businesses that may not have thought about identity governance before. The virus has caused us to reinvent how we provide information to our customers. But it hasn’t changed our core goal. We’re still here for you, committed to helping you do your job more safely and securely.