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HIMSS 2023: 4 key takeaways

Our biggest takeaway from HIMMS 2023 is that healthcare identity security needs help. 

During the conference, we spoke to many healthcare professionals about issues and upcoming trends. We discovered that many healthcare organizations are still early in their identity security journey but are ready for a positive change. Many currently use manual processes, while others are ready to move beyond MFA and PAM.   

According to our recent report, “State of Identity Security: A spotlight on Healthcare,” 93% of healthcare organizations have experienced a breach in the last two years, so it’s critical organizations take steps to mature their identity security program. Here are some of the top areas of interest and how SailPoint can help:  

  1. Manual provisioning: Many attendees shared their current situation with home-grown manual provisioning. Unfortunately, this can be time-consuming, costly and introduce significant organizational risks. Manual provisioning can also cause clinician onboarding delays. SailPoint helps healthcare securely onboard its clinicians on Day 1 through intelligent automation.   
  1. Complex roles and authoritative sources: Some attendees stopped and asked about our booth’s tagline: “Enable clinician access- every role, every day,” and told us how they struggle to manage multiple roles. SailPoint helps healthcare administrators and clinician managers securely accelerate clinician access even with complex roles and authoritative sources. SailPoint manages complexity with intelligent automation to grant them access, getting providers to a patient’s bedside faster.   
  1. Administrative burden: Attendees picked up our AI brochure and expressed interest in learning how AI could save time and reduce their burden. SailPoint makes granting access quicker through AI-driven automation with capabilities like AI Insights, recommendations, and role modeling replacing manual processes. That means less time consumed by administrative tasks and more time with patients.     
  1. Managing non-employee access: We heard from organizations interested in securing non-employee access to travel nurses, affiliate physicians, and other contractors. These organizations must quickly grant access to these types of non-employees identities to minimize operational disruption while also reducing third-party risk. SailPoint makes this easy with Non-Employee Risk Management, enabling organizations to execute risk-based identity access and lifecycle strategies for their entire population of non-employees.   

Additionally, SailPoint solutions help healthcare organizations prevent over-provisioning, which can leave an organization vulnerable to attacks and insider threats. To learn more about SailPoint, visit our healthcare webpage.