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SailPoint Predicts the Future of Identity

I think it’s safe to say that every now and then, we all long for a ‘simpler’ time. This is a notion we can easily apply to various facets of our personal life from time to time. From a business and technology perspective, this is absolutely true. It used to be true that the typical business relied on maybe a small number of applications to keep their business running smoothly. All of our sensitive data was housed in a couple of those applications, so we always knew where it was, and who had access to it. There was no ‘cloud’ to speak of, other than the ones that we see in the sky. A mobile workforce wasn’t the norm, it was the exception. The only users we had to worry about were the ones in our office buildings, not remote workers, third-party vendors and partners, never mind something as obscure sounding as a ‘bot.’

Fast forward to today. The typical enterprise has hundreds, if not thousands, of applications in use to run their business. The amount of data housed in those applications is exploding – and it’s everywhere – on-premises and in the cloud. It’s not only stored in applications, but increasingly stored in files which, as we all know, tends to be much harder to keep track of for those organizations who haven’t yet brought that data into their identity governance purview. And then there are the users that make up today’s digital business. Not only do they include all sorts of user ‘types’ – employees, contractors, partners and even non-human software bots – but it has become increasingly more difficult to anticipate their access needs. The challenge cannot be overstated enough – organizations of all sizes are struggling to keep pace, while balancing the needs of their own internal evolution towards an increasingly more digital business environment.

So here we are today. As the leader in identity governance, it is our birthright to drive the next generation of identity forward. It is a right we do not take for granted. And today, we’ve anticipated the next big hurdle that our customers are facing, not only understanding who has access to what, should they have access, what are they doing with that access but anticipating it before any human intervention is made.

The identity revolution is here. And it’s called: SailPoint Predictive Identity.™️

SailPoint Predictive Identity is the next generation of identity, driven by the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

It enables identity to be autonomous while you stay in complete control.

It monitors the environment in real-time and anticipates how access should change.

It learns and adapts as your business and IT environments evolve.

It connects and controls access to everything and everyone in your organization.

It shows you where attention is needed, recommends actions, and takes the lead proactively.

SailPoint Predictive Identity removes complexity and makes identity easy.

This is the future of identity and it is here. Today. SailPoint Predictive Identity provides advanced governance capabilities to both SailPoint IdentityIQ and SailPoint IdentityNow, allowing us to collectively step into the future together.

To be clear, this isn’t merely a ‘vision’ statement. This is SailPoint putting a stake in the ground and revolutionizing identity yet again. From the very beginning, more than a decade ago, innovation has been steeped in SailPoint’s DNA. Today is the next step in our fierce commitment to delivering on the promise we make every day to our customers: developing innovative solutions to address our customers’ most pressing business challenges today.

Welcome to the new world of identity: SailPoint Predictive Identity.