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From Start to Finish: How to Modernize Identity in State & Local Government and Education Sectors

Over the last few years, SailPoint noticed a shift in the State, Local Government and Education (SLED) marketplace’s approach to identity. SLED organizations across the U.S. are transforming their identity programs from antiquated legacy solutions, or often manual processes, to a solution that can manage the complexity of today’s IT environment. As this transformation evolves – with a mix of on-premises, cloud and hybrid applications/systems/data repositories that are accessed by users that run the gamut from students to contractors – providing an easy yet secure identity platform becomes critical.

That’s why it is so important that these organizations recognize that they need to take a comprehensive approach to identity that SailPoint provides. This approach takes into account all types of users and their access to all applications and data and is built on an open architecture that leverages existing IT and security investments. As the industry trend turns toward getting SLED organizations’ house in order, so to speak, focusing on modern identity solutions becomes key. On one end, some organizations need an identity solution that will help them meet compliance regulations, including NIST, HIPAA, FISMA, or PCI DSS. Adhering to such regulations and security practices also allow these organizations to share information and data in a secure way that benefits citizens such as in a Health Information Exchange between Hospitals, Doctors offices and the like.  And on the other end, and as we’ve seen in most cases, organizations are looking for a simplified solution that empowers users and eases the burden of IT.

By now if you’re wondering where to start in terms of adding SailPoint’s open identity platform to your business, you’re in luck. For SLED organizations, SailPoint can be purchased via a number of nationwide contract vehicles as well as three major state contracts including the State of New York OGS (Office of General Services), Texas DIR (Department of Information Resources), and finally the newly minted California SLP (Software Licensing Program). The CA SLP was recently added this year and is available for use by State of California departments and any city, county, special district, educational agency, local government body or corporation empowered to expend public funds. To learn more about the California Software Licensing Program, please visit the DGS website.

In the public sector, SailPoint’s identity governance platform is widely adopted. The contract vehicles mentioned above provide a more accessible purchasing process, speeding the time it takes to get off the ground with us. This is more important than ever as the industry continues to evolve and take shape, with new technologies available to further evolve identity as we know it. SailPoint is ahead of this with our latest innovation, SailPoint Predictive Identity, which takes advantage of AI and ML technologies to help evolve identity to be more predictive, automated and adaptive. Which is great news for SLED as a new survey by MeriTalk indicates that 90% of  SLED organizations say AI will be a game-changer for them. As SLED organizations embark on modernizing identity, SailPoint will stay committed to helping all public sector organizations in their security journey from start to finish.

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