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Friday Quick-Take: Balancing Zero Trust with a Strong AI-Driven Identity Strategy

3 out of 5 organizations will be breached. That is a fact. The impact that cybersecurity breaches have is jaw dropping, with billions of identities and sensitive data compromised each year. Long gone are the days where a traditional security strategy will suffice.

Here is where the Zero Trust approach to security comes in to play. Zero Trust is a concept that put simply, means trust no one and always verify. Imagine that you received an urgent email from your boss asking you to go out and purchase gift cards that are going to be given to a client. Your first instinct might be to head out to the store but following the Zero Trust model requires questioning the legitimacy of the request. Instead you should verify that your boss did in fact send you that email before going any further.

In the Zero Trust model, cloud applications and security are looked at with the same importance as on-premise systems and applications. The model encourages the use of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to help detect threats. With SailPoint Predictive Identity™ you will have a deep understanding of user identities, automated policies that grant users the right access for their job and governance controls to maintain continuous compliance.

Learn more about how you can balance Zero Trust with a strong AI-driven identity strategy in our e-book.