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Feet on the Street at Navigate ‘18

Identity professionals from far and wide have descended on Austin, Texas for Navigate ’18, the identity governance conference. This is the biggest Navigate yet, with a sold-out crowd of more than 1,000 identity professionals, all here to talk about identity governance. Navigate has grown a lot in the three years I’ve personally attended, and although we’ve seen a lot of changes, the foundation of the conference remains the same. It’s a great opportunity for SailPoint’s customers, prospects, partners and crew members to get in the same room and talk about the identity challenges organizations are facing today.

Navigate ’18 kicked off with a keynote address from SailPoint’s co-founder and CEO Mark McClain. Much like Navigate has evolved, Mark talked about how SailPoint has changed over the years, and particularly in the last year since our IPO last fall. Despite this big change, our core values remain the same. It was great to see Mark share these values with our customers to reaffirm our commitment to them. Mark also shared our vision to be the system of record for all enterprise identities. As organizations continue to evolve with the digital transformation, we see identity governance as the source of truth that ensures organizations have visibility and control over ALL identities, ALL applications, ALL data. To that end, Mark communicated our goal to continue driving innovation in the market and working with our partners to ensure our customers’ success, both of which are key competitive differentiators for SailPoint. No doubt, our attendees will learn how we bring concepts of innovation and customer success to life throughout the conference.

Our Chief Product Officer Paul Trulove was up next to dig deeper into SailPoint’s vision by unveiling the new frontiers in identity governance: users, applications and data. These new frontiers may seem like big hurdles, but they’re really opportunities for innovation. SailPoint enables and secures digital identities for all users, all applications, and all data, providing a comprehensive approach to identity governance. As a result, SailPoint’s customers are armed and ready to take their identity governance journey to the next level. SailPoint prides itself on a steadfast commitment to innovation and Paul closed out his keynote talking through how we’re driving the identity industry forward across these new frontiers, while employing new technologies like AI and machine learning to help our customers govern smarter.

When keynote speaker Isaac Lidsky took the stage, the conversation shifted to a different type of vision, one that centered on personal vision. Isaac’s blindness has had a profound impact on his life, sending him on a journey that began in fear and resulted in a life lived with eyes wide open. His message of choosing who you want to be and how you want to live your life, ultimately creating your own reality, was an impactful one for our conference attendees. It’s a powerful thought, that you are the master of your own reality.

SailPoint’s customers also shared some of their identity insights as part of a panel lead by our CMO Juliette Rizkallah. Some customers on the panel had been with SailPoint for more than 10 years or deployed SailPoint at multiple organization throughout their careers. Others were in the process of implementing SailPoint today, and they shared their excitement about taking the first step in their identity governance journeys. Across the many industries represented, it was clear that SailPoint’s solutions are helping customers harness the power of identity to address real challenges around users, applications and data in their organizations. Stay tuned for a full recap of this session on our blog tomorrow.

The afternoon was full of breakout sessions that attendees eagerly joined to hear more about all of the innovations SailPoint is working on. In one session I sat in on in particular, the focus was on how identity governance solutions today are being tasked with going beyond the base-level capabilities to become smarter, easier to deploy and easier to update. SailPoint is doing just that, and while I can’t share too many details, suffice it to say we have some exciting innovations on the roadmap that will revolutionize the way and pace at which we enable our customers’ businesses. And if the buzz at the conference is any indication, these innovations will be a hit with our customers.

What’s in store for day two of Navigate ‘18? Follow along on Twitter, the blog and via the hashtag #SPNav18 to find out more about what attendees are learning at THE identity governance conference. And I’ll be back tomorrow with a Feet on the Street Recap of how day two went for us as we end Navigate ’18 on a high note with our Passport to Party closing reception!