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Extensibility Made Easy with iPaaS Connectors

In the last decade, new innovative technologies have made our lives so much easier. Food arrives at our doorstep with the tap of a button. Alexa makes it easy for us to order anything we want by simply talking into a speaker. We can watch whatever movie or TV show, thanks to thousands of options on Netflix. At SailPoint, we’re taking the same approach of making our extensible SaaS services as easy to use as possible.  

Earlier in the year we launched our open platform along with our developer community. With hundreds of available APIs and event triggers, any kind of integration is now possible on our SaaS platform. We’ve even taken it one step further and built connectors into common iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) platforms to make the creation of these integrations as frictionless as we can. 

An iPaaS platform gives you powerful tools and capabilities to create complex workflows and connect to other applications. Our SailPoint connector in Zapier, Workato, SnapLogic and other common iPaaS platforms allows you to drag and drop SailPoint’s event trigger functionality and leverage SailPoint APIs to easily create integrations to solve any number of use cases. 

You can now log into Workato, click on the SailPoint connector and be able to rapidly create a workflow that can trigger an automated certification campaign by monitoring changes that may have taken place with an employee’s cost center or department. You don’t have to worry about developing complex applications. Workato’s drag and drop workflow functionality allows you to rapidly create a connected ecosystem of applications with SailPoint at the center of it driving your desired business processes. 

Data governance, error handling, and lifecycle management all can be managed within an iPaaS platform. You can automate workflows where you’re constantly monitoring the risk level of your users and immediately take action when a threat is detected. For example, if someone inadvertently clicks on a phishing email, thereby compromising their user credentials, an automated workflow using our connectors can be set up where that specific user is quarantined right away. With SailPoint powering your identity security program, the iPaaS platforms vastly simplify the creation of risk and threat detection solutions. 

Other use cases that can be solved on these iPaaS platforms are custom approval workflows, delegation of work items to someone else while the main owner is out of office or reviewing specific certifications prior to approving critical application access requests. The possibilities are endless when it comes to leveraging iPaaS platforms in order to build comprehensive SailPoint identity security solutions. 

With an ever-increasing number of SaaS applications in an enterprise cloud environment, our pre-built iPaaS connectors makes it easier than ever to manage all the data and have SailPoint embedded within your business ecosystem. You can use pre-configured templates and not worry about developing workflows from scratch. And best of all, you can solve your toughest identity security challenges without needing a degree in computer science. Few clicks of a button and you’re done!