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Driving Deeper into Cloud Identity Governance

SailPoint took a very important step today, announcing our intent to acquire two companies – Orkus and OverwatchID – both of which will help us to extend our ability to more deeply govern access rights across all cloud applications, systems and infrastructure. With these acquisitions, SailPoint is helping to address a sizeable gap for customers who need tighter governance over access rights to these cloud resources. Cloud-based resources have quickly become both the foundation of today’s digital businesses and an area of potential security, operational and compliance risk.

These acquisitions accelerate our SailPoint Predictive Identity vision in a number of ways. By leveraging Orkus’ AI-enabled approach to governing access to IaaS environments, we will speed access decisions to sensitive cloud infrastructure and help customers better detect potential anomalies, providing better enforcement of access policies. This addresses the increasingly dynamic nature of access in IaaS platforms, allowing for continuous monitoring of access relationships and patterns for every cloud resource. And with OverWatchID, we’re adding a new dimension to SailPoint Predictive Identity by tapping into OverWatchID’s ability to govern access across a wide variety of cloud-based resources, including the ability use activity information to improve the application of access controls.

You can read more details about both acquisitions in the press release here.

As the leader in identity governance, we are committed to driving innovation in identity as we consistently evaluate and question what an identity governance program should be capable of.

With this announcement, we are once again redefining identity governance, making SailPoint’s Identity Platform the most comprehensive intelligent cloud identity platform that companies require today.

Today marks a new beginning for SailPoint, as we set the tone for the next generation of cloud identity governance.