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Different Teams, Common Goals

Common goals empower an engineering team, to become more agile, productive and efficient. These are important not only because they provide direction for the team but because they bring people together and encourage them to communicate problems and work together for the result.

At SailPoint we have a remote engineering team in Pune, India working on connectivity.  Our team has some common goals. The principal goal is customer satisfaction because nothing is more important than that.

Whenever any concern or query is raised by a customer, we as a team, focus on a quick resolution rather than thinking about actual code or job ownership.

Why is having common goals important?

Having a common team goal is a great way to increase engagement, interactions, and communication amongst our colleagues. What makes a good team great is the ability to focus on the common goal.

 Rowing a boat to the destination as quickly as possible requires:

• Understanding individual job roles and what needs to be done that will have a positive impact.

• Having a clear direction, but an easy hand on the navigation.

• Believing that it is not how hard we work, but it is how hard we work together.

Similarly, the Pune Engineering rows at SailPoint with an aim of realizing the common engineering goal. This keeps everyone aware of the bigger picture even as they work in different Engineering Scrum teams.

 Setting goals

There are a lot of things that can bring people together and focus them on results and not on personal achievement.

We at SailPoint always think about the customer’s business use case while developing any feature and ensure the highest quality. Along with this goal, we set process goals and continuously check the health of our deliverables.

Tracking goals

Tracking the goal is as important as setting it. This will allow us to know whether we are rowing the boat in the right direction or not. We track our goal progress on a weekly basis and in our quarterly meetings. This is a great opportunity to identify problems, to adjust course and to remain united as a team.

Cross-scrum communication meetings allow alignment between the scrums to help achieve the target within the stipulated time frame. During these meetings, we share our knowledge and feedback across the teams and that helps keep the whole team moving in the right direction.

Customer Satisfaction

At SailPoint, the engineering teams, use common goals to deliver new functionality and fixes to our customers so that they will benefit. We work together and celebrate the achievement together.