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Identity is Security: Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Cybersecurity awareness month is in full swing. Do we really need a whole month for cybersecurity? The answer is a resounding, “Yes!” Cybersecurity touches nearly everything we do in the modern world. It’s something that needs to become part of our awareness in simple, everyday tasks like shopping, banking and visiting the doctor.

Take this coffee shop in Rhode Island for example. Data has become so valuable, that they’ve decided to harness it as its own form of currency. That speaks volumes to the value we have when it comes to what we openly share in the digital sphere. Yes, those people are choosing to give up their data, but what they may not be considering is where that information might end up and how it might enable malicious hackers to use it against them. That is cyberawareness.

Other evidence that cybersecurity is permeating society globally are all the programs that governments, corporations and non-profits are implementing to foster a culture of cybersecurity. Just this week,  the New York City Economic Development Corporation launched Cyber NYC, a $30 million program to “transform New York City into a global leader of cybersecurity innovation and talent to combat one of the world’s greatest threats.” We’re seeing programs like this more and more these days.

Enterprises are also learning their lessons, with the Facebook hack announced last week bringing cybersecurity to a lot of people’s attention. People are all ears waiting to hear what their punishment might be (beyond loss of consumer trust), one of which will likely be huge fines for GDPR violations.

Every week, there is simply another vulnerability or cyberattack that must be addressed, and without awareness, we won’t stay ahead of them. For example, Cisco announced several critical flaws and dozens more high and medium severity bugs this week.

With that, we leave you on a lighter note this week. This video, while revealing, adds a touch of humor to a serious issue.

How are you celebrating Cybersecurity Awareness Month?