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Can’t Miss Breakout Sessions at Navigate 2022

Authored by Brian Royer

Navigate 2022, the must-attend identity security conference of the year, features main stage sessions with representation from SailPoint leadership and guest speakers and more than 40 information-packed breakout sessions live-streamed and made available on-demand. But how will you organize your Navigate agenda? Here are a few of the can’t-miss breakout sessions to get you excited:   

Market Trends, Marchetti’s Constant, and Slime Mold: Patterns of Growth in Identity Security    

We’ll examine the current drivers of change in identity security, explore how organizations today equip themselves for success, and chart the future of identity.   

AI & ML – Tag Teaming the Future of Identity Security    

We will share our proactive approach to measuring risk that provides enterprise-wide visibility into the identity security standing of the entire workforce.   

Managing Large Environments: Lessons Learned and Best Practices    

Join the SailPoint professional service teams as they share insights on managing large environments while arming you with actionable recommendations based on real-world customer implementations.   

IGA and PAM: Working Together for Stronger Identity Security    

You’ll learn how SailPoint and CyberArk have come together to provide a single identity security foundation that extends the principles of least privilege to privileged accounts and how governance guards against who has access to them.   

Developing Your Identity Program Business Case    

Our dedicated team of consultants, who focus on helping our customers develop executive-level business cases, will provide an overview of our Business Value Assessment program, complete with real-world case studies and takeaways.   

Risk Management: The Silent Defender    

Explore how policies and Separation of Duties (SoD) can be baked into the broader organization’s processes to ensure security that helps to enable effective provisioning while reducing risk.   

Oz The Great: Pulling Back the Curtain on SailPoint’s AI-Driven Identity Security Solution    

You will learn how SailPoint’s Identity Security platform’s Access Modeling and Access Recommendations features seamlessly work together to help customers gain better access insights and role creation capabilities.   

Who Stole My Cookie: An Identity Security and Zero Trust Story

We’ll share use cases that reflect a comprehensive approach to breaking the kill chain and preventing breaches by combining a Zero Trust strategy, existing cyber security defenses, and Identity Security.   

Reducing Risk and Costs Through Simplified Intelligent Automation    

In this session, you’ll learn how SailPoint’s SaaS Workflows provide you with the means to simplify your intelligent automation decisions, including removing inactive accounts, detecting outliers, remediating excessive access, and enabling Zero Trust IAM best practices.   

In-person attendees will also get a chance to hear from their peers, including The Home Depot, Victoria’s Secret, and Cardinal Health, who will share their respective journeys optimizing their identity security capabilities with SailPoint to increase productivity and reduce risk, enhance control, and achieve more automatic and simpler streamlined certification processes.   

Additionally, several roadmap sessions will be available, including IdentityNow, IdentityIQ, AI, Platform, Connectivity, Access Risk Management (ARM), and SaaS Management, complete with actionable tips you can take back to your organization to start implementing immediately.   

Want to learn more? Secure your spot at Navigate 2022 here.