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Bringing the Power of Intelligence to Our Cloud Identity Governance Platforms

In this age of digital transformation, organizations continue to deal with a growing and complex set of infrastructure, applications, and data. This is compounded by the need to govern every point of digital access at the speed of business. If these are not managed and governed properly, it results in greater risk. There is so much to keep control of and with the exorbitant amount of information, it is difficult for humans to keep up with and do on our own.

So how do we keep up with up with this data and information, and continue to innovate with Digital Transformation? SailPoint is making this possible with our next generation cloud identity governance platforms and with SailPoint Predictive Identity™. This new innovation offers advanced governance capabilities; enabling organizations to make intelligent identity decisions using the power of AI and machine learning. SailPoint Predictive Identity works a lot like a central nervous system.

Our central nervous system is critical to our livelihood. It collects the input from our body and external environment then processes and interprets this input. It allows the body to respond appropriately to this information. It also allows us to interact and monitor our environment to take advantage of any benefits, avoid possible threats and respond in an appropriate manner.

You can think of SailPoint Predictive Identity in the same way. It learns and adapts as the business and IT environment evolves, it connects and controls access to everything and everyone in the organization. It collects, processes and responds with recommendations that help you know what is safe to automate as well as spot the subtler conditions that could pose a risk.

These advanced governance capabilities are now available with SailPoint IdentityNow and the release of IdentityIQ 8.0 to anticipate user access needs, spot risky behavior, achieve continuous compliance, and automate security policies.

With IdentityNow and IdentityIQ 8.0, SailPoint continues to be laser-focused on helping organizations of all sizes to govern smart with SailPoint Predictive Identity while continuing to govern all and to govern deep in the following ways.

Here are just a few examples of how IdentityNow and IdentityIQ 8.0 are leveraging the power of AI and machine learning:

• With today’s speed of business human effort alone can only scale so much, and with it comes error in identifying risk. AI-driven recommendations use insight from peer group analysis, identity attributes and access activity to make it easy and fast for managers to review and make the right access decisions. You can now govern by exception by focusing on the things that matter and automate things that are lower risk. You can now receive context into whether access is risky and more importantly, why it’s risky. As the business changes and new risks are introduced, AI and machine learning adapts to these changes by recalculating risk in real-time, driving towards a more dynamic, adaptive and predictive approach to identity and security.

• Often access provided to users may no longer be used over time, or after the end of an exception period should no longer be available to the user. This lingering access then leaves you open to risk. By automatically dissolving access over a pre-set time, or at the end of an exception period, organizations can support a stronger state of least privilege.

• Many organizations have highly sensitive applications and top-secret data that require documentation, such as an NDA or a certification, to permit access. With the ability to attach the credential to the access request, organizations can create a unified audit trail and ensure approvers can confidently make the right access decisions.

• Identifying and discovering the massive volume and variety of unstructured data (think .doc, .ppt., PDF, etc….) is difficult in today’s enterprise, and even more difficult when it’s stored as an image – especially in those cases where you fill out paperwork with your PII/PHI and it is then scanned and stored. With the addition of optical character recognition (OCR) organizations can easily discover and classify sensitive data within a variety of image formats, extending security and compliance controls to this data.

• By leveraging the powerful search and reporting capabilities of the Dynamic Discovery Engine, organizations can easily mine identity data creating on-the-fly, customizable and actionable reports. This improves compliance controls, helps identify and reduce risk, and increases overall efficiency.

• Policies are key to a strong identity governance program since they determine who can do what with their access. In the past, policy creation, such as separation of duties, could take many weeks to define, create, and deploy. We have now made the creation of SoD policies much simpler and more streamlined – what used to take weeks to build can now be done in a matter of minutes.

These are just some of the exciting ways that SailPoint is leading and innovating in identity governance. For more information on SailPoint Predictive Identity and updates to our Intelligent Cloud Identity Platforms, be sure to check out the SailPoint Predictive Identity Product Brief and the Cloud Identity Governance Platform page.