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Another Leap for SailPoint with the Acquisition of ERP Maestro

SailPoint recently shared the exciting news of our acquisition of Intello. Today, I’m thrilled to share another step forward with the acquisition of ERP Maestro.  

From CISOs to identity and security practitioners alike, everyone I talk to knows this: there is no shortage of risk facing today’s cloud enterprise. And it is also a fact that many of these security issues stem from not having the proper visibility into the workforce and their access into business-critical applications and data. 

With ERP Maestro, we address the need for organizations to tightly integrate how they manage access across ERP systems, including the need to closely manage separation-of-duties controls for these critical business systems. This process is critical as ERP software acts as the backbone of the business.

Organizations must provide the right workers’ access and make sure access privileges don’t conflict. I believe to fully protect companies from the full spectrum of technology access risk, organizations need to extend their existing identity security program to include tight SoD controls for workforce access to ERP systems like SAP. 

ERP Maestro’s integration with SailPoint will make this possible.  

Until this acquisition, companies typically manage SoD monitoring of ERP systems in a silo, rather than taking a unified approach to ensure no conflict of access or over-permissioned access is happening. Now, our customers have the unique opportunity to operate on a least privilege basis, providing only the necessary, appropriate ERP system access and shutting down potential areas of SoD violations. With ERP Maestro, SailPoint will provide the following capabilities to our customers:

  • Access Analyzer: Instantly detect SOD conflicts and accelerate remediation.
  • Access Reviewer: Fully automate access reviews for increased productivity.
  • Emergency Access: Simplify the approval process and audit trail for elevated access.

ERP Maestro’s SaaS-based platform supports SAP and SuccessFactors today, and will be adding additional ERP, HCM, and CRM platforms in the coming months.

We’ve heard from our customers and are delivering on the next generation of identity security that enterprises need to get the complete picture of access across the workforce. With ERP Maestro, our customers can greatly reduce the risk of fraud due to overlapping, conflicting, or inappropriate access, adding a critical layer of integrated identity security controls around the sensitive financial and operational data contained in ERP systems.

Security is a balancing act. Companies are walking a tight rope to weigh the scales of relying on access to apps and keeping the business running smoothly without opening new areas of risk. It’s a tricky business.

The acquisitions of ERP Maestro (and Intello) are huge leaps for SailPoint and our customer base as we continue to meet the demands of what it takes to have a secure organization today—making it not so tricky after all.