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AmeriGas Propane’s SaaS Program Delivers with SailPoint

Meet SailPoint customer, AmeriGas Propane. They are one of the nation’s largest propane distributors with 8,500 employees. When they started building their identity program, they knew they needed a solution that could stand up and evolve to their changing business needs.

With SailPoint, AmeriGas Propane has:

  • Quickly developed a cloud-first approach to identity
  • Built a program with industry-leading best practices
  • Laid the groundwork for a self-sustaining role governance process leveraging AI & ML

Don’t take our word for it though. Chris Martin, Identity & Access Security Manager at AmeriGas Propane shares more about their SaaS identity journey, how they laid the groundwork to leverage AI & ML technologies and shares advice for others starting out on their identity program in the video below.