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A Dose of AI and ML: What the Doctor Ordered for Modern Identity Security

Authored by Matthew Radcliffe

There is no doubt that the past 18 months have caused significant challenges for healthcare organizations. The continuous transfer of clinical staff and onboarding of many contingent workers to meet critical patient care needs all while healthcare organizations face increased cybersecurity threats.  

In parallel, the healthcare market continues to realize significant M&A activity and accelerated cloud adoption. This activity combined has put a magnifying glass on identity security strategies across the healthcare industry. More than ever, vulnerabilities in identity security policies and the control of access to applications, data, and infrastructure have been exposed.  

With the rapid business transformation across the healthcare industry, organizations need more efficient and effective ways to implement their cybersecurity strategies; manual businesses processes can no longer keep up. Healthcare organizations need to leverage technologies built on a foundation of AI and ML that can reduce the identity security friction so their operational processes can keep pace with the change of business.

As a Gold sponsor at the HIMSS ’22 conference, I’m looking forward to sharing the importance of AI and ML to healthcare with attendees. Providers and organizations need to continue focusing on bringing the best care possible to their patients, and that starts with ensuring their staff has the appropriate access and is enabled to do their jobs efficiently. 

Stop by booth #326 in the Cybersecurity Command Center or join my session on March 16 at 3:45 pm titled, ‘Supercharge Healthcare Identity Security’. We’ll be sharing details throughout the conference that describes:

  • How leveraging AI and ML can accelerate a healthcare organization’s ability to align with Zero Trust and core Cybersecurity frameworks
  • How identity security has evolved in healthcare over the past 18 months and the successful approaches that healthcare organizations are taking in today’s dynamic business climate
  • Valuable insights on how to make identity security the foundation of a modern healthcare cybersecurity strategy

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