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Observations from SecureWorld Detroit

Just a couple of weeks ago, security professionals, including myself, ascended upon SecureWorld Detroit to hear the latest from top security industry experts.  I also had the great opportunity to be one of these speakers and participate in two-panel sessions – “Building a Better Mouse Trap (Emerging Threats)” and “The […]

Samsung BioLogics Builds Identity Governance from the Ground Up

Samsung BioLogics is headquartered in South Korea and manufactures biopharmaceutical products. Founded in 2011, the company entered the biopharmaceutical industry during a time in which the industry was facing significant change. The global availability and capacity for biologics manufacturing is decreasing, and new, innovative types of medicines are being developed […]

What’s the Key Enabler for Security Incident Response?

A modern Security Incident Response solution is a system of interconnected components working together to identify known and unknown threats and to prevent or limit the damage done by those threats. The method for addressing those threats loosely follows the NIST Cybersecurity Framework Functions – Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and […]

Driving Deeper into Cloud Identity Governance

SailPoint took a very important step today, announcing our intent to acquire two companies – Orkus and OverwatchID – both of which will help us to extend our ability to more deeply govern access rights across all cloud applications, systems and infrastructure. With these acquisitions, SailPoint is helping to address […]

Good Governance Includes the Outliers

In his book, “Outliers: The Story of Success,” Malcom Gladwell says that outliers are often extraordinary individuals. Think Benjamin Franklin, Mozart, Bill Gates and even sports phenoms like tennis star Novak Djokovic. These success stories are often the result of “accumulated advantages.” For example, great athletes don’t start out as […]

Six Times Over, SailPoint Leads

Leading with integrity is not something we take lightly at SailPoint. It colors every facet of our business. From the care we take in addressing our customers’ identity needs, to the investment we make in continually innovating well ahead of the market, to the approach we take in constantly refining […]

Identity & Access Management: The Cornerstone of Enterprise Security

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a sub-discipline within the identity governance framework. PAM can be implemented and operate on its own or be integrated into an organization’s Identity & Access Management (IAM) policy and processes. Organizations may choose to start with either an IAM or PAM implementation in order to […]

Identity Management Upgrade Pays for Western Union

If you transfer money across national borders, chances are you’re familiar with Western Union. Western Union enables customers to send and receive money, and make payments quickly, easily, and reliably. Currently, the Western Union network includes hundreds of thousands of retail agent locations in more than 200 countries and territories. […]

Identity Governance: Going Beyond Day One Access and Compliance

Organizations are continuously searching for ways to give new hires a strong start by providing them everything they need to hit the ground running on Day 1. As a result, many are adopting tools such as Workday to make it seamless and easy for them to get access to new […]

St. James’s Place Delivers Heightened Security with Identity Governance

St. James’s Place (SJP) is a UK-based wealth management company listed on the London Stock Exchange (STJ). SJP specializes in delivering face-to-face, personalized wealth management advice through its expert advisory arm, the Partnership. This 28-year-old financial services company is no stranger to the regulatory pressure that the industry faces. After […]