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10 months later and 10 reasons to celebrate SailPoint’s Non-Employee Risk Management solution 

Authored by Michael Conti, Product Marketing Manager

The ten months since SailPoint acquired SecZetta have flown by. As a SecZetta employee turned SailPoint crew member, I’ll never forget the day we were acquired…it was a whirlwind of exhilaration and the start of a thrilling new chapter. It’s been a remarkable journey since, filled with growth, excitement, and numerous successes, that has the entire SailPoint team feeling both proud and grateful.   

As we reflect on 2023 and the acquisition, we’re counting down ten reasons to celebrate. 

  1. The announcement heard ‘round the identity world. The SecZetta solution was rebranded Non-Employee Risk Management and announced at the Gartner IAM event in March. I am no stranger to trade shows and thought I had already worked the busiest event of my life. Wrong! I was blown away by the number of attendees that wanted to discuss their non-employee identities. From the moment we announced it, the identity community made it abundantly clear that there was a need for Non-Employee Risk Management.    
  1. Customers galore, getting more secure, efficient. One of our most significant achievements over the past year has been the substantial increase in the number of customers using Non-Employee Risk Management. It’s heartening to see so many new businesses in every industry becoming more efficient and secure as a result of utilizing our solution. 
  1. More resources and scalability. Since day one at SailPoint, the Non-Employee Risk Management product and engineering team have worked tirelessly to make improvements. Any challenges from the SecZetta startup days are being addressed thanks to the resources, vision, and scale of SailPoint. We’ve already made big leaps in improving time-to-value, functionality, and scalability …and it’s just the beginning.          
  1. An easy-to-use solution that addresses a complex problem. Earlier this year when KuppingerCole’s Executive View report stated that SailPoint Non-Employee Risk Management is “…a simple package that does a good job of managing non-employee identities”, we were hyped. Why? Because it nails a very important point on simplicity that Mark McClain, SailPoint founder and CEO, said in his Navigate 2023 keynote, “Simple is best as long as it solves the problem,” which KuppingerCole confirmed Non-Employee Risk Management does for SailPoint customers in its report.  
  1. Customers love it. Of course, what truly gets us excited is the success of our customers. The positive feedback, testimonials, and success stories we’ve received over the past year have been incredibly motivating. Knowing that Non-Employee Risk Management is making a real impact in businesses is a source of great pride for the entire SailPoint crew. We are truly humbled by the trust our customers have shown us, and we remain committed to exceeding their expectations. 
  1. Insights through research. We partnered with a global research organization to better understand how companies manage non-employee identities and their respective access privileges. It was essential to understand the pain points so we could more effectively address current problems. While some of the results were worrisome, it provided us with even more clarity and passion about what’s needed moving forward. You can read the findings yourself by accessing the survey results
  1. Non-employee momentum at Navigate 2023. Two of the most heavily attended and most engaging sessions at Navigate in Austin were about Non-Employee Risk Management. Directly after one of the non-employee sessions at Navigate, an attendee who works for a Fortune 50 company came up and asked if someone could give him a demo of Non-Employee Risk Management at the show; another attendee overheard him and piped in to say, “Oh, we’re customers, and we love it. You’ve got to see it. It’s an amazing product; we’ve been so happy.” Want to see the session? Check out our on-demand content.   
  1. Advancement through innovation. We’ve integrated even more automation into the product, streamlining processes and fostering efficiency to free users from mundane tasks. Meanwhile, analytics provides invaluable insights and turns data into actionable intelligence. This combination not only enhances productivity but propels our users forward thanks to heightened adaptability. It’s a technological leap that elevates our solution and increases the user experience, so they have an even more dynamic, data-driven journey.   
  1. Matching today’s speed of business. At the core of SailPoint is the message that we will meet organizations where they are. No matter how complex, no matter the environment, we will meet you. Many modern enterprises depend on non-employees to get the business done, so it makes perfect sense that Non-Employee Risk Management is available for Business and Business Plus customers that utilize SailPoint Identity Security Cloud. With SailPoint Identity Security Cloud and Non-Employee Risk Management, we are meeting organizations AND their extended enterprises to match the shape and speed of business today.   
  1. It’s just the beginning. Remember in #3 when I said that the solution got better? Well, we’re just getting started. Our technology teams have ramped up the innovation, and our product team has created an impressive roadmap for 2024 and beyond. The future is bright, and we’re strapping in for one heck of a ride. 

So, here’s to a year of epic successes, with more to come! Thank you to everyone who’s been part of this fantastic journey thus far. And if you haven’t already, request a Non-Employee Risk Management demo to see what all the fuss is about.