Detect and prevent conflicts of interest and potential fraud across all applications

You wouldn’t let your sales team calculate and write their own commission checks, right? Splitting tasks into multiple parts and requiring more than one person to complete them helps prevent fraud and keeps your organization compliant.

Reduce potential malicious behavior for high-risk and sensitive tasks. With SailPoint Predictive Identity™, just set up the policies and we’ll take care of the rest.

  • Maintain regulatory compliance
  • Discover and fix potential conflicts of interest
  • Prevent fraud and data theft

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SailPoint can help you:

Detect violations

Our software automatically scans and detects violations.

Build custom policies

Choose from a library of existing policies or quickly create your own.

Enforce policies consistently

Easily apply and enforce policies across multiple systems and applications.

Become audit-ready

Create and group policies to meet your compliance needs for SOX, GDPR, HIPAA and CCPA.

Prevent conflicts of interest and information theft.

Learn more about SailPoint’s separation-of-duties policy management.

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