Identity governance should be easy

That’s our approach. Whether you are a cloud-first organization or in the midst of your digital transformation, making your business secure and compliant starts with an identity program that’s simple to deploy and manage.

SailPoint IdentityNow is the industry’s first and only true SaaS identity governance solution that allows you to easily control user access to all systems and applications, enhance audit response and increase your operational efficiency.

And since it’s delivered from the cloud as multi-tenant SaaS, IdentityNow can be up and running quickly with no additional hardware or software to purchase, install or maintain.

  • Easy to deploy with rapid time to business value
  • Automatically delivers new features and enhancements
  • Scales up or down to meet your evolving needs
  • Can be managed by a business analyst, no identity expertise required
  • Simple, cloud software subscription model
  • Proven to reduce help desk calls by up to 90%

IdentityNow gives you the power to:

Govern all

Ensure all your applications and data are secure by granting access to only the right employees, partners and contractors.

Govern deep

Integrate governance deep into apps like ServiceNow, Workday and Salesforce using specific controls for various roles to ensure that users can only see and touch what they need to do their job.

Govern smart

Receive AI-driven recommendations to help you determine when it’s safe to grant user access. With self-service and automated policy management, you can make sure that access is granted according to the policies you create.

With SailPoint IdentityNow you get:

Next-generation cloud identity

Built from the ground up on a microservices, multi-tenant SaaS architecture, IdentityNow doesn’t require infrastructure overhead. You can securely deploy and administer identity services from our SailPoint cloud identity platform.

Easy-to-use identity governance capabilities

IdentityNow simplifies identity governance. From day one, it allows you to automate and control user provisioning, access requests, separation-of-duties policies, access certification for auditors, password management and access to sensitve files. And with the power of AI-driven recommendations, everyone can make smart access choices — keeping your organization secure and compliant.

Built-in best practices

No need for identity experts to create tedious code and scripts. IdentityNow is designed with configurable best-practice structure and guidelines to help you get your identity program started quickly.

Best-in-class security

SailPoint eliminates the need to choose between security and convenience. Now you can have both. We’ve architected IdentityNow around fundamental principles that meet best-of-breed security practices you can count on.

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