It’s time to rethink identity.

As you digitize, move to the cloud and adopt new technologies, managing user access gets much harder. Manual processes are limiting and error-prone. And when you add increasing regulations and security vulnerabilities, it becomes even more complex.

SailPoint Predictive Identity tackles those challenges head on by combining IdentityNow with patented AI capabilities and cloud governance to enhance and accelerate identity related decisions and tasks, like identifying risk and analyzing security issues.

Our platform isn’t just about control, it’s about enablement, management, optimization and integration of software and computer systems. And it’s not just easier, it’s intuitive. With patented AI and machine learning, there’s no reason to call the helpdesk. Your workers automatically get the right access, when they need it and you can always be sure it’s safe and complies with policy.

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No problem. It’s easy to deploy and configure our platform. Our AI:

Digital transformation means managing and protecting more users, applications and sensitive data. SailPoint Predictive Identity takes on these complex security and compliance issues — while unleashing your business productivity.

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Platform can do for you:

Looking for IdentityIQ as your core identity solution? We got you. SailPoint IdentityIQ is our software solution that can be deployed to your own cloud platform or data center. Couple IdentityIQ with SailPoint Predictive Identity to give you the power and benefits of AI and machine learning.

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