It’s time to rethink identity.

As you digitize, move to the cloud and adopt new technologies, managing user access gets much harder. Manual processes are limiting and error-prone. And when you add increasing regulations and security vulnerabilities, it becomes even more complex.

It’s time for a new approach to identity. One that takes on the complexities, speed and risk of your business with the power of AI.

SailPoint Predictive Identity tackles those challenges head on.

Our platform isn’t just about control, it’s about enablement. And it’s not just easier, it’s intuitive. With patented AI and machine learning, there’s no reason to call the helpdesk. Your workers automatically get the right access, when they need it and you can always be sure it’s safe and complies with policy.

New to Identity?

No problem. It’s easy to deploy and configure our platform. Our AI:

  • Helps you instantly create and update roles to quickly shape your identity program
  • Learns and adapts to your organizational changes to keep your access policies up to date
  • Provides real-time recommendations so you know whether access should be granted or not
  • Analyzes peer groups and identifies risky user access to quickly address security and compliance gaps

Identity at your scale

Our platform is used by the largest enterprises around the world, protecting and governing access for hundreds of thousands of users across hybrid environments. It integrates and governs access to your critical applications such as Workday, ServiceNow, SAP, Box, and Office365, just to name a few.

People are the new security perimeter.
Trust identity to be your firewall.

Security has become a tricky sport. Cybercriminals are finding their way into organizations by compromising workers’ accounts using new and innovative tactics. With limited IT staff, keeping up can be overwhelming. The best protection is SailPoint Predictive Identity.

Using AI and machine learning, access policies are always up to date as your organization evolves. And workers only have the access they need to do their jobs.

When your board asks, “Are we at risk?” and “What are you doing about it?” Don’t worry. Graphical dashboards and reports can help you quickly answer those questions with confidence.

Here’s what Predictive Identity can do for you:

Access Certification

Always make sure your users have the right access by automating the process of reviewing and reporting user access. Read more.

Access Insights

Evolve your identity program into a strategic resource by capturing and analyzing all access activities and events. Read more.

Access Requests

Empower your users to request and receive access to applications and data without the need for manual approval processes. Read more.

Access Modeling

Answer the question, “Who should get access to what?” so you can build and maintain roles correctly. Read more.

Password Management

Minimize helpdesk calls by offering your users an easy, intuitive way to change or reset passwords themselves. Read more.


Give your users the access they need as they join, move to different roles, or leave the organization. Automatically modify access to applications and data as these changes happen. Read more.


Detect and prevent toxic combinations of access and potential fraud by proactively scanning for violations. Read more.


Use AI-driven recommendations to determine if user access should be approved or removed.

Not ready for a SaaS identity solution? No problem. SailPoint IdentityIQ is our software solution that can be deployed how you like. Couple IdentityIQ with SailPoint Predictive Identity to give you the power and benefits of AI and machine learning.

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