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Flexible. Sophisticated. Built for Complexity.

Delivers full lifecycle and compliance management for comprehensive identity security.

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SailPoint IdentityIQ is custom-built for complex enterprises.

A complete solution leveraging AI and machine learning for seamlessly automating provisioning, access requests, access certification and separation of duties demands.

Use SailPoint IdentityIQ with our library of connectors and advanced integrations to intelligently govern access to all your essential business applications.

To deliver access certifications vs. 1 year


For new user access compared to 14 hours


Savings from deprovisioning accounts in minutes instead of 30+ days



Customizable, enterprise grade Identity Security

Software based identity security for all identities.

  • Manage access as users join, move, or leave
  • Control access to essential business tools
  • Gain insights into user access patterns
  • Enable and secure work from anywhere
  • Provide detailed audit reports
  • Streamline certification processes with increased visibility

Use Cases

Maximize productivity and strengthen real-time security

Bring automation to your Identity Security efforts with the efficiency of SailPoint IdentityIQ. Easily add users and scale to fit the demands of your organization.

Secure your remote workforce

Manage access to applications, resources, and data through streamlined self-service requests and lifecycle event automation. Adjust access automatically based on role changes.

Automate provisioning tasks

Deliver the right access when workers need it while enabling more effective management of high volumes of requests and changes.

Maintain auditable compliance

Automate robust, timely audit reporting, access certifications, and policy management. Continuously review user access and enforce and refine policies for strong governance.

Customer Stories

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quote Compliance is a never-ending chore. By using SailPoint to automate it, we are saving a significant amount of time and money – and improving accuracy.

Jerry Archer, CISO, Sallie Mae


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