Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, IdentityAI will extend the value of SailPoint’s open identity platform by giving customers the visibility they need to manage risk associated with user access.


IdentityAI Gives You the Power To

Manage Risk

Detect anomalous behaviors and potential threats amongst identity big data.

Govern Smarter

Leverage various artificial intelligence models to focus on high risk scenarios.

Increase Efficiency

Improve efficiency and productivity by automating low risk access controls and approvals.

Watch IdentityAI's Debut

See Kevin Cunningham, President & Co-founder, and Gianni Aiello, Senior Product Manager, unveil IdentityAI during their Navigate '17 keynote.

IdentityAI Will Focus on Four Core Areas


Review identity access over time.

Peer Groups

Model dynamic groups to identify
inappropriate access and risk.


Alert on and detect normal and
abnormal behavior.


Leverage machine learning to dynamically
generate a risk model powered by your data.

Why IdentityAI?

IdentityAI proactively surfaces risky events for analysts to review and act on.

Audit capabilities within IdentityAI help compare access from the past and look for deltas that could be of concern.

The dashboard showcases high-level statistics of your identity management footprint and works as a launching point to different views or processes.


See How IdentityAI Will Help You

IdentityAI Will Be Available in Late 2017



The Power of
Smart Identity



Govern Identities Smarter