SINGAPORE – October 24, 2023 – SailPoint Technologies, Inc., a leader in enterprise identity security, today announced it now runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) using the AWS Asia Pacific (Singapore) Region, which is SailPoint’s eighth point of presence globally. SailPoint also uses the AWS Europe (Frankfurt) Region, AWS Europe (London) Region, AWS Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Region, AWS Australia (Sydney) Region, AWS Canada (Montreal) Region, and across both AWS US-West and East Regions.

With this, SailPoint will support the growing demand for its identity security cloud services across Singapore and Southeast Asia, while enabling customers to meet data residency and privacy requirements. A couple of key aspects of SailPoint running on the AWS Asia Pacific (Singapore) Region include:

  • Highly available multi-tenant SaaS environment, which is completely isolated from other AWS Regions—no data will be replicated, backed up, or stored in any other AWS Region.
  • Any fault in the region is contained, not impacting SailPoint workloads in other AWS Regions.
  • Through the AWS Asia Pacific (Singapore) Region, SailPoint will also allow local and regional customers to achieve more flexibility, agility and lower latency, enabling them to focus on business acceleration and be competitive on a global scale.

For organizations in highly regulated industries like healthcare, finance, and government, the data center will enable them to unlock the business value of cloud adoption while remaining compliant with local and regulatory standards.

“Our investment in the AWS Asia Pacific (Singapore) Region is a testament to our commitment to helping organizations scale their operations, achieve business continuity, and succeed in their identity security cloud journey. SailPoint’s true cloud-native, multi-tenant SaaS-architected platform enables us to not only help customers manage the increasing volume of data and the level of complexity but to also ensure they are compliant with regulatory standards and data residency requirements. We look forward to leveraging the AWS Asia Pacific (Singapore) Region to empower organizations locally and regionally to meet today’s enterprise demands and secure their business with our intelligent and autonomous identity security cloud foundation,” said Chern-Yue Boey, Senior Vice President, Asia-Pacific, SailPoint.


About SailPoint

SailPoint is a leading provider of identity security for the modern enterprise. Enterprise security starts and ends with identities and their access, yet the ability to manage and secure identities today has moved well beyond human capacity. Using a foundation of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the SailPoint Identity Security Platform delivers the right level of access to the right identities and resources at the right time—matching the scale, velocity, and environmental needs of today’s cloud-oriented enterprise. Our intelligent, autonomous, and integrated solutions put identity security at the core of digital business operations, enabling even the most complex organizations across the globe to build a security foundation capable of defending against today’s most pressing threats.

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