SailPoint extends identity security platform to securing access to unstructured data with SailPoint Data Access Security

AUSTIN, TX – October 10, 2023 – Today at Navigate 2023, SailPoint Technologies, Inc., a leader in enterprise identity security, introduced SailPoint Data Access Security to help organizations manage and protect access to critical data. As a new and integral piece of SailPoint Identity Security Cloud, SailPoint is giving companies a unified view of access across both enterprise apps and unstructured data. This centralized approach provides increased visibility, speeds the finding and closing of pockets of exposure and ultimately, minimizes risk to the business brought on by a data breach.

“It has never been more important for organizations to wrap their arms around unstructured data. So much of today’s enterprise runs on data stored in unstructured files and without proper visibility into that data, where it lives and who has access, organizations are running blind,” said Grady Summers, EVP of Product at SailPoint. “Compounding on the growing complexity, many organizations are trying to manage access to critical data in separate systems, and with separate processes from how they manage access to applications. For companies to move as quickly as they need to today, they need a unified ecosystem for managing access across both data and applications—and it needs to be automated. There are just too many moving parts to manage with human capacity alone.”

Summers continued to explain, “With the new workplace dynamics, we are seeing more users downloading, extracting, copying and sharing data across a growing digital ecosystem, opening organizations up to an expanding attack surface with serious repercussions such as failed audits, large fines, increased chance of data breach and theft – not to mention reputational damage. With SailPoint Data Access Security, we are addressing the new, complex reality of identity security.”

Modern enterprises need a comprehensive solution that ensures only the right identities have access to the right data at the right time – nothing more. SailPoint Data Access Security enables modern enterprises to:

  • Secure access to unstructured data and mitigate risk by controlling permissions to critical data and various forms of sensitive intellectual property.
  • Intelligently identify and classify data and information across the enterprise.
  • Centralize governance controls, reporting, and monitoring of risky access.
  • Streamline identity and data security efforts across teams.
  • Protect privileged access to critical data and reduce exposure.
  • Enable data-inclusive access models, recommendations and lifecycle management.

“The evolution of identity security brings new challenges and threats, which in turn requires new solutions,” said Matt Mills, President of Worldwide Field Operations for SailPoint. “In order to continually secure and enable the modern enterprise, we must be willing to rethink and adjust our approach to identity security; it is no longer simply about access or governance. It is about securing enterprises from the inside out. It is about securing critical data. It is about minimizing risk and enabling the modern enterprise.”

New SailPoint Identity Security Cloud capabilities:
Alongside SailPoint Data Access Security, the company also launched two new capabilities that will arm customers with the tools to stay ahead of threats and minimize risk while continuing to focus on their business.

  • Activity Insights: Confidently grant and maintain least privilege access by knowing usage patterns and activity trends for applications across the enterprise. SailPoint Activity Insights provides granular activity data at the application level to support access decisions, allow admins to compare individual activity to others within the organization to understand usage patterns, and eliminate unused licenses.
  • MySailPoint: Homepage experience designed to quickly deliver data and actionable insights based on customer’s unique priorities. This completely configurable dashboard gives the customer control and enables them to quickly and efficiently surface their data in one place.

The new SailPoint Identity Security Cloud solutions and capabilities including Data Access Security, Activity Insights and MySailPoint, will be available this month.

Navigate 2023
SailPoint’s flagship ‘Navigate: Identity Security Accelerated’ conference kicks off in Austin, TX, and will be followed by a series of regional events in London, Singapore, Sydney, Washington DC, Toronto and São Paulo. To register, visit the Navigate website.


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