Last updated: April 13, 2021

Depending on the nature of the service or product, SailPoint and its affiliates may engage one or more of the following third party sub-processors, as specified below.

For customers of SailPoint, please note that not every third party vendor listed below may be relevant to your relationship with SailPoint. If you wish to know more about which third party vendors we use for a particular service or product, or if you have any particular objection to the use of any of the below vendors, please contact us at

In addition, we use third party vendors that support our firewalls and anti-virus protection mechanisms. If you wish to know about the data and information security measures we have in place, please contact us at

Please note that the below list is regularly updated so please check this page periodically for any subsequent updates.

Affiliate Sub-processor name Location
SailPoint International, Inc., including branch in Australia and registrations in Hong Kong and Taiwan USA
SailPoint Technologies Canada Inc. Canada
SailPoint Technologies Japan G.K. Japan
SailPoint Technologies GmbH Germany
SailPoint Technologies India Private Ltd. India
SailPoint Technologies Israel Ltd. Israel
SailPoint Technologies Netherlands B.V. Netherlands
SailPoint Technologies Pte Ltd. Singapore
SailPoint Technologies SARL (Switzerland), including a registration in Belgium and a branch in France Switzerland
SailPoint Technologies UK Ltd., including a branch in Norway UK
Intello Inc., solely with respect to SailPoint SaaS Management services USA
ERP Maestro, Inc., solely with respect to Access Risk Management USA
Third Party Sub-processor name Location
Amazon Web Services, Inc. USA, UK, Germany, Australia, Japan
Atlassian Pty Ltd USA, Ireland, Australia
Box, Inc. USA
Datadog, Inc. USA
DocuSign Inc. USA
Excel Softsources, Inc. USA, Costa Rica
Gainsight, Inc. USA
GitHub, Inc. USA
Khoros, LLC USA
Microsoft Office 365 USA, Inc. USA
Rackspace US, Inc. USA, inc. USA
ServiceRocket Pty Ltd USA
Slack Technologies, Inc. USA
SoftServe, Inc. USA, Ukraine
SpringCM Inc. USA
Stripe, Inc. USA
Twilio, Inc. USA
Zendesk, Inc. USA
Zoom Video Communications, Inc. USA

For SailPoint SaaS Management services, SailPoint and its affiliates may engage one or more of the third party sub-processors listed here.

For SailPoint Access Risk Management services, SailPoint and its affiliates may engage one or more of the third party sub-processors listed here.