How do you ensure employee access is correct from day 1?

With SailPoint and Workday, you have the power to automatically onboard employees in minutes and ensure that access to all apps and data is appropriate and compliant on their first day.

  • Provision new hire account creation
  • Proactively adjust access as users change roles or leave the organization
  • Protect sensitive employee data from unwanted access

Automate and simplify access for onboarding, offboarding and everything in between

Workday example

How does SailPoint integrate with Workday?

SailPoint imports employee data from Workday to create, manage or remove identity profiles — including access to company resources.

Using our pre-built integration, onboarding, offboarding and employee data access changes can be completed in minutes.

New employee onboarding

New employee is created in workday, SailPoint receives employee data and creates and identity profile, Provision access based on identity profile

Changing employee roles

SailPoint and Workday integration diagram

Employee offboarding

SailPoint and Workday integration diagram

As a certified Workday partner, SailPoint offers:

Fast employee onboarding

Grant access approvals prior to start date so new employees can be productive on their first day.

Improved security for company resources

Quickly remove access for terminated employees and contractors in minutes.

Customization support

Customize HR data attributes for better provisioning and access control.

Separation-of-duties policy maintenance

Correct any separation-of-duty violations and prevent violations from happening in the future.

Employee data synchronization

Keep employee data updated to maintain proper security access controls.

Compliance and audit reporting

Demonstrate access policy compliance with pre-defined reports.

Automate & protect data access throughout the employee lifecycle

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