SailPoint’s Senior Vice President of Customer Success Meredith Blanchar illustrates how SailPoint’s dedication to customer success is truly one of a kind.

Video Transcript

Jessica Sutera: Hello everyone, I’m Jess Sutera and today on Identity Talks I’m joined by Meredith Blanchar our Senior Vice President of Customer Success. Meredith thank you for joining us today on Identity Talks.

Meredith Blanchar: My pleasure, thank you for having me.

Jessica Sutera: So I have two questions for you today. The first one is around other companies and their approach to customer success. Many claim that’s what sets them apart as a company and I’d actually argue that many are just doing the basics there. With that said, where do you see our approach to customer success as truly a class above the rest?

Meredith Blanchar: Sure, sure that’s a great question and I think there are a couple of different ways. So first I think a fundamental difference is how we define customer success at SailPoint. Customer success in our mind is not about making a customer happy which I understand may seem counterintuitive but as far as we’re concerned customer success is about making sure our customers get value out of their solution and that they achieve the outcomes and the goals that were the business drivers behind purchasing our products and services. For many teams and you know rightfully so the primary measure of customer success is customer satisfaction but for the customer success team at SailPoint our primary measure is really around customer adoption so we are measured first and foremost on the level and the pace at which our customers adopt our services and then ultimately achieve their desired business outcomes. And of course there is the downstream effect of customer satisfaction when you help a customer achieve their goals they will begin to associate your business with their success, their satisfaction will go up, they’ll become an advocate and a reference. But outcome achievement and rapid adoption and ultimately the customer success in our minds, those are all precursors to customer satisfaction. And a second key differentiator is that at SailPoint customer success is much more than a department it is a company-wide initiative and tied to or actually is one of our corporate level objectives. So everyone in the company, front office back, office they are all in tune with our customer sentiment and they understand the unique role that they each play in the success of our customers.

Jessica Sutera: That’s great context. So my second question for you was more around an example of how we recently rose to the occasion to solve a particularly challenging customer need. Do you have an example like that?

Meredith Blanchar: I do, I do I think what we’re experiencing today with this COVID crisis certainly fits the bill of a challenging situation. I mean you know we’ve done several things, we’ve extended our technical support hours for all of our customers knowing that many of us are working odd hours. We want to make sure that our customers can reach us when they need us and we’ve also provided multiple free training events to help customers optimize their solution for this new remote world and we’re continuing all of our customer events such as our very popular user groups. But we’re just moving them to virtual models because honestly what we’re hearing right now is that customers are craving connectedness and human interaction and in fact I was reading an article. Before this crisis a research study revealed that over half of consumers felt that companies have lost touch with the human element of customer experience and given what we’re all facing with this new normal, the need for authentic human, human interaction is even more. Listen I wish I could say that we’ve come up with this brilliant one-size-fits-all solution to help our customers during this time but what we’re finding is that the needs of our customers are different based on size, based on industry. The needs are changing and new needs arise each day so you know our, our response is to be agile, it’s to quickly adapt our solutions and our programs along with the changing environment of today and of equal importance is keeping authenticity at the forefront of everything that we do. The last thing we want to do is contribute to all of the noise and massive amounts of emails that are flooding all of our inboxes so when we do reach out to our customers we’re making sure that the outreach is authentic, that it’s caring and it’s truly delivering that the value that they need today.

Jessica Sutera: There you have it, talk about going above and beyond the basics of customer success. That is what we do at SailPoint. Thank you for your time today Meredith and thank you everybody for watching. This is Identity Talks.

Meredith Blanchar: Thank you.

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