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Understanding the Horizons of Identity Security

In this era of hyper innovation, what does the future of identity security look like? Next-gen identity technologies will ensure users’ privacy, provide transparency in AI-based decisions, enable a seamless user experience, and provide a foundation for zero trust. Given the rising cyberthreats today, companies need to build more robust capabilities to manage digital user identities. However, a new global survey shows that nearly half of businesses are just beginning to address identity security. Research shows that maturity in this field really matters. Organizations that are farther along on their journeys are using identity as a strategic enabler to business innovation and security. 

Join this session as Wendy Wu, chief marketing officer, and Jaishree Subramania, vice president of Product Marketing, share the latest findings on the “Horizons of Identity” research report and key insights including: 

  • The business case for adopting next-gen identity management technologies including user behavior analysis, AI and machine learning tools, decentralized protocols such as blockchain, and the future of passwordless authentication; 
  • The five levels of maturity in identity management and how your organization can gain better control of machine identities, customers, employees, contract and temporary workers, partners, and more; 
  • Strategies for increasing the maturity of your identity management program, using security tools more efficiently and making identity a strategic business enabler. 

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