SailPoint’s David Bullas gives us the skinny on what access insights mean for identity today.

Video Transcript

David Bullas: So what is Access Insights? Well Access Insights is a service here at SailPoint that looks at the history of your governance program. We break it into two parts, we break it into access history and data explorer. Now access history is all about access at any point in time. I could look at a user and say what did you have access then, so what did Tina have access to August 29th, 2019 or what changed in access for John between February 1st and March 1st, 2019. The ability to look and parse through what’s been happening, it includes what entitlements have you been added to, what roles did you get, what roles changed, did identity attributes change? We also tie in governance events, so you can say oh look he made an access request on this day, it was approved and look at that these are the new entitlements he has. It’s a very powerful way to look back in time whether it’s your auditors that are asking you for it or you have an HR need or you’ve got to go do a hold on somebody and find out what the heck was going on. It’s a powerful way of viewing the governance as it happened.

Data explorer looks at the total sum of all your governance data together. This is where you can put together trends, KPIs and really understand what’s happening with your governance program. You can look at the frequency of access requests, you can look at the sheer number of entitlements and what, how it’s trending over time. You can see what users are making a lot of requests, you can see which managers are doing a lot of approvals and which ones are a little bit behind. It gives you real power into what’s going on with your governance program and taking together, access insights makes sure you get the most out of your governance solution. It gives you the ability to see what was, it gets you the ability to see what’s changed and it gives the ability to see what’s happening now and projecting it in the future to see what you’re going to have. In short it gives you the tools you need to really effectively drive your governance program, see how healthy it is and drive better behavior moving into the future. And that’s what data insights does.

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