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4 keys to reduce risk and improving operational efficiencies

How identity security can protect banks and financial firms

As the digital landscape rapidly evolves through shifts to the cloud, increasing mergers and acquisitions, and new Fintech offerings, financial firms and other financial institutions cannot afford to rely on manual controls to mitigate identity cybersecurity risks.

Read the eBook to understand the top identity security challenges financial institutions face – and more importantly, what can be done to overcome them. Learn ways to mature your identity security program and improve workforce productivity. Download the eBook to discover how to:

  • Reduce costs managing and securing access through intelligent AI automation
  • Protect against unauthorized access from insider threats and damaging breaches
  • Improve Day 1 productivity by quickly onboarding new workers
  • Gain visibility with a 360° view of all user access including partners, vendors, employees, contractors, and non-human identities like customer service bots

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