SailPoint, the leader in identity governance solutions and Radiant Logic, market leading provider of federated identity systems have joined together to deliver the secure, unified source of truth required to govern identities in an enterprise.

SailPoint identity governance enables and secures digital identities for all users, applications and data. Using Radiant Logic’s federated identity and directory platform RadiantOne as a data source, SailPoint aggregates ‘pre-integrated’ and rationalized user identity data, processes it, and pushes it out to the end points for provisioning.

RadiantOne also virtualizes SailPoint’s database and transforms the data, providing a single definitive directory for LDAP applications and WAM/Portal applications to use for authentication and authorization.

This combined solution delivers a high-resolution reference image and reduced integration time, allowing you to reach farther into the enterprise and deliver broader governance and more granular provisioning results.

RadiantOne integrates with SailPoint’s identity governance platform to reduce customization and integration costs, as well as accelerate deployment.

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