Identity governance will be key to NIS2 compliance

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EU Member States only have a limited amount of time to transpose the articles of the NIS2 Directive into their national legislation, and the requirements will have far reaching implications for organisations across Europe and the United Kingdom. 

We partnered with IDC on a Technology Spotlight Report to uncover key insights on how identity governance will play a key role in helping organisations attain NIS2 compliance.

Here are some key stats and takeaways:

  • Threat landscape: 50% of European organisations saw an increase in the volume of cyberattacks in 2022.
  • Security strategy: 59% of European organisations have adopted a strategic approach to building cyber resilience, but only 47% have done so for the adoption of zero trust models and principles.
  • Managing identity: A third of organisations struggle to manage identities and access as they shift to cloud platforms and cloud-native apps.
  • The NIS2 directive will impact more organisations in more sectors and extend to midmarket entities.
  • Senior management may be held liable for infringements. It’s crucial that they take an informed, proactive, and engaged approach to NIS2 implementation.

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