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Every person is unique, and so is their risk profile. With SailPoint and Proofpoint, you can take a people-centric approach to managing email threats, improving governance and securing your organization.

Advanced threats and credential phishing targeting people and organizations has never been more prevalent. More than 90% of today’s cyber threats start with email¹ but knowing who is most likely to be targeted by them – and keeping those people secure – is not always easy. Once a breach takes place and the cybercriminal has compromised the account such as with a phishing attack, the front door is now wide open for the attacker to access everything and wreak havoc.

SailPoint and Proofpoint have teamed up to combine their leading identity governance and email security solutions to protect workers’ email, corporate identity and access, from targeted phishing and malware attacks and the resulting data breaches of sensitive data.

SailPoint and Proofpoint

SailPoint Predictive Identity™ and Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) integration help to detect and stop advanced email threats, protect the people they target, and ensure access to targeted applications and data is automatically adjusted when risk is detected.

Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) helps you stay ahead of attackers with an innovative approach that detects, analyzes and blocks advanced threats before they reach your inbox. This includes ransomware and other advanced email threats delivered through malicious attachments and URLs. TAP also provides detailed visibility into the most attacked users within your organizations based on various attack criteria – such as:

  1. Attacker sophistication (e.g. nation-state vs. unknown actor)
  2. Targeting type (e.g. highly targeted vs. broad-based campaigns)
  3. Attack type (e.g. credential phishing, backdoor malware, etc.)
  4. Attack volume (e.g. how much is this person being attacked?)

Together, these components are aggregated into the Proofpoint Attack Index, which helps you understand who your Very Attacked People™ (VAPs) are. SailPoint, the leader in identity management, enables organizations to centrally see, deliver, and govern access for all workers and resources right from the cloud. Using the power of AI and machine learning, SailPoint Predictive Identity helps you quickly understand:

  • Who has access to your applications and files?
  • Should they have access?
  • And how is that access being used?

SailPoint enables broad and deep governance of your applications and data. With SailPoint, you can protect access across identities, points of entry and data sources. It lets you set policies to tightly control user access throughout the employee lifecycle. And it helps identify risks before it’s too late. It also learns and adapts as your organization changes and provides recommendations when determining if it is safe to grant access or not. Enterprises can now ensure that everyone and everything has the exact access they need, exactly when they need it, intuitively and automatically.

Together, SailPoint and Proofpoint detect and protect your most vulnerable identities and their access to your most sensitive data.

How the Integration Works:

  • Governance for VAPs: Proofpoint TAP shares VAP information with the SailPoint identity platform to ensure the right level of security for certifying users with sensitive access. VAPs, for instance, might require more frequent certifications or adjusted levels of access. Using the visibility offered by TAP, SailPoint lets you effectively apply governance and security to even your riskiest user accounts.
  • Remediation for Potentially Compromised Users: Nothing can stop every threat. If a user clicks a phishing link in an email, Proofpoint TAP can notify the SailPoint identity platform to require users to reset passwords. This automated remediation gives you multi-layered protection against advanced threats and targeted phishing campaigns.

Benefits of SailPoint and Proofpoint

SailPoint Predictive Identity and Proofpoint TAP provide a powerful combination of security and governance. TAP stops today’s most advanced threats and helps you identify which workers are at the highest risk of attack. SailPoint Predictive Identity uses this insight to ensure that these VAPs have the appropriate levels of access to critical systems and data.

Our Powerful Integration Helps You:

  • Stop advanced email threats before they reach your people
  • Protect workers’ email, corporate identity and access, from targeted phishing and malware attacks and the resulting data breaches of sensitive data
  • Identify your Very Attacked People™ (VAPs) and keep them, and their data, protected with risk-based access controls
  • Reduce exposure from potentially compromised users by automatically adjusting or even revoking access
  • Ensure access to your critical data and applications adjusts according to risk


When SailPoint and Proofpoint are combined, real-time actions can be taken to protect your most vulnerable identities and their access to sensitive corporate data, limiting your risk of potentially compromised identities and data breaches.

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