5 steps to mitigate cyber risk with identity security

Cyber risk is a


enterprise risk for 2023 according to the experts at Control Risks.


of organizations experienced an identity-related breach in the last year

Using identity security to mitigate cyber and corporate risk should be top-of-mind for all cybersecurity and IT risk management practitioners, and it’s not as expensive or time consuming as you might think. Here are 5 steps that you can take to get started:


Take our 6-question identity security self-assessment

How mature is your organization’s identity security strategy? Recently, your peers of identity security decision makers from across the globe helped us to clearly define the core capabilities of five distinct horizons of identity security programs, from beginning to advanced. This simple quiz is a baseline assessment that will reveal areas most urgent to address in your IAM program, and where the most value can be created. Where a company falls on this journey depends not only on technical capabilities, but also on the company’s strategy, operating model, and talent.


Download the “Horizons of Identity Security Report”

This report will not only provide context around where your organization stands against your peers, but it also provides a view into how best-in-class companies leverage identity as a key control point to reduce cybersecurity risk and deliver business value. You’ll quickly learn how organizations with a more mature identity program can improve cyber resilience with faster response and recovery from a cybersecurity attack, secure business operations, and ensure continuity.


Determine where you’d like to be

Nearly every company should aspire to reach Horizon 4 to earn the greatest returns on their investments, ensure you are protected against cyber risk, and prepare for Horizon 5. The journey to Horizon 4 looks different from each Horizon. Companies at Horizon 1 can start with a clean slate and build the correct capabilities from the outset. A Horizon 2 company can leapfrog if it understands how to rationalize its tools and processes that might include legacy tools embedded in infrastructure. Horizon 3 companies already have a strong foundation to build the additional Horizon 4 use cases, leading to an approach marked by incremental change.


Build a business case with SailPoint and get executive buy-in

There are three key tenets when designing a successful identity transformation program:

  • Identify the outcomes worthy of investment. There are multitudes of nonobvious corporate and IT benefits that can be used to justify the effort, from business agility to general worker and IT productivity to, of course, mitigating cyber risk – which should be at the top of the list. As you build the business case to advance your overall identity security program, the core capabilities of your chosen underlying platform are paramount. One key feature to look for is having artificial intelligence (AI) as a foundation of the entire solution. AI can spot risky users and access outliers and significantly strengthen security by helping to detect and remediate vulnerabilities – while also improving IT efficiencies.
  • Bring the whole organization along the journey, rather than just the IT or IAM team, by building a comprehensive business case and establishing clear ownership and need.
  • Choose a transformation path based on where your company is in its journey, driving incremental change if you’re farther along rather than leapfrogging from a fresh start.

The ROI of any such project is almost always tremendous, with the average SailPoint return being 345% over 5 years, with a 1 – 2 year payback period. SailPoint has an entire Business Value Assessment, or BVA, team – dedicated to helping you develop your business case. All you need to do is reach out.


Deploy your solution

Getting started with an advanced – Horizon 4 – identity security program that can help mitigate cyber risk can seem daunting. SailPoint’s experience working with leading global brands has provided insight into exactly what is needed to solve this: targeted, organized SaaS-based products that work together as a single solution. This solution is called the SailPoint Identity Security Cloud. It …

  • is built with AI & machine learning at the foundation, just like our other offerings.
  • enables customers with all the tools they need to automatically manage access from start to finish.
  • has access to over 100+ out-of-the box connectors, a full set of APIs & event triggers, and key capabilities to extend identity security across their entire hybrid environment.

Ensure that your organization is not the next victim of a million-dollar mega breach, start by taking the identity security maturity assessment today.

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