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From setbacks to strength: revitalizing your identity security strategy

Webinar with a SailPoint customer on identity governance

Implementing an identity governance solution is a complex undertaking, given the depth and breadth of users, applications, data and resources the solution needs to touch. Sometimes things can go in directions you didn’t anticipate, and sometimes expectations and outcomes just don’t match.

Check out our webinar to hear from a SailPoint Identity Security Cloud customer who got a second chance. Learn about real-life circumstances that can cause a reset to a project and find out how trust and confidence in a technology partner can make the difference.

Our customer will share how they got to take another bite of the IGA apple and learned the difference between an IGA vendor and a true implementation partner. Spoiler alert: they finally got a technology deployment that meets the needs of the business.

Webinar Speakers:

Zach Hill
Security Automation Manager
H&R Block

Lynda Raley
Director, Customer Marketing

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