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Identity Security for Insurance: How to Get it Right

Five things a modern identity security solution must deliver for insurance organizations 

In today’s digital world, identity is often the key that enables business.  Employees, contractors and business partners expect seamless access, from any location, on any device, to the applications and data needed to fulfill service delivery and to simply get work done. The business needs to support security and compliance while controlling costs and increasing productivity. As insurance companies modernize their core systems, it’s critical that they get identity security right. Download the white paper to discover how a modern identity security platform can: 

  • Help improve efficiencies and increase productivity on day 1 for your employees, contractors, and 3rd party producers 
  • Reduce the overhead for compliance and risk management activities related to identities 
  • Drive core system transformation alongside identity security modernization 
  • Seamlessly integrate with modern insurance core platforms 
  • Help mitigate inflation in the insurance sector with increased return on investment 

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