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  2. How healthcare can reduce costs and empower clinicians 


How healthcare can reduce costs and empower clinicians

Ensure trust & save costs 

93% of healthcare organizations that their organizations have faced a breach in the last two years.1

How can the industry implement and maintain best-in-class identity security while lowering costs and streamlining IT processes?

In this eBook, you’ll learn how using AI-driven identity security, healthcare organizations can benefit from highly efficient, automated processes, minimize administrative overhead, and onboard clinicians faster.

Manually managing identity-related tasks can be very costly in terms of administrative inefficiencies, and productivity losses. Additionally, a litany of manual tasks can lead to rubberstamping and data breaches. It’s time to eliminate manual tasks and automate identity security.

Download the eBook to discover how you can:  

  • Use AI to modernize security programs and reduce breaches 
  • Reduce compliance time and costs 
  • Provide secure access on Day 1 
  • Lower operational costs and increase employee productivity 


  1. https://www.sailpoint.com/identity-library/identity-security-financial-services/

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