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Discover how to manage digital identities when they are not on your payroll


Healthcare organizations today utilize a large and diverse number of third parties, from travel nurses to affiliate physicians to contractors, to support their goal of creating a market-leading patient experience routed in satisfaction, safety, and privacy. The number and variety of third parties utilized by healthcare organizations can be limitless and unfortunately, creates a greater risk of data and access-related breaches.

Join this educational discussion to learn how through identity security you can reduce your attack surface by eliminating overprovisioning. Speakers will talk about how to recalibrate your approach to third-party non-employees to reduce risk, accelerate onboarding, reduce friction between clinicians and IT teams, and ensure compliance.

Learning Objectives

During this session, subject-matter experts will discuss how to:

  • Manage and secure rapid access for non-employees—whether full-time or contract. 
  • Solve common challenges such as multiple authoritative sources and multiple roles per single identity. 
  • Save time through intelligent automation for staff and role changes.

The views and opinions expressed in this content or by commenters are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of HIMSS or its affiliates.

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