October 1, 2019

Preventing a data breach has always been an uphill climb. But is the hill getting steeper? With an increasing volume of health data breaches1, rising costs (Figure 1) and an ever-widening skills/personnel gap in cybersecurity (Figure 2), cloud identity governance levels the playing field. It enables National Health Service (NHS) trusts to address cyber threats even with limited resources at their disposal.

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Cybersecurity Made Manageable and Affordable

SailPoint’s cloud identity governance platform delivers all the critical capabilities that enable NHS trusts to secure all applications and data in several critical ways:

  • Prevent Data Breaches by appropriately provisioning/ deprovisioning access rights
  • Reduce Audit Fines by proving compliance to auditors
  • Improve Efficiencies by automating access reviews
  • Optimise Workflow through self-service password management and access requests

Beyond these business benefits, deploying identity governance from the cloud can deliver other significant value including:

  • Reduce need for in-house expertise
  • Decrease capital expenditure
  • Rapidly Deploy identity programs
  • Slash lead time for upgrades
  • Configure for unique use cases

Navigating Cloud Identity with SailPoint

While there are common use cases for identity governance in healthcare, each trust typically has additional, unique requirements. That’s why SailPoint offers flexible cloud deployment options to deliver an effective solution that is uniquely appropriate for the trust.

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  1. 4.4M Records Exposed in 117 Health Data Breaches in Q3 2018. https://healthitsecurity.com/news/4.4m-records-exposed-in-117-health-data-breaches-in-q3-2018

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