Data access governance (DAG) is a business-oriented solution that helps organizations find and protect sensitive unstructured data. It enables them to meet regulatory requirements by providing proof of compliance during audits and increase staff productivity by reducing time spent on diagnostics, forensics and data administration tasks.


of enterprise data is unstructured

7 in 10

users have access to data they shouldn’t

Gartner estimates at least 80% of enterprise data today is unstructured. SailPoint’s Market Pulse Survey found that as many as 71% of enterprises struggle with how to manage and protect data stored in files. For that, we have solutions.

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SailPoint’s market-leading open identity platform IdentityIQ enables organizations to extend data access governance across a complex and hybrid ecosystem to manage access on-premises and in the cloud, across all users, applications and data, all on a single platform.

SecurityIQ works seamlessly with SailPoint’s identity governance solutions to discover sensitive data throughout the enterprise and control access to it. It also includes patent-pending collaboration technology for identifying data owners, granting superior oversight and reduced risk of inappropriate access to sensitive data.

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Many organizations take a siloed approach to governing data access, utilizing a separate data access governance (DAG) solution. While this may provide some entry-level governance capabilities, due to the lack of consistent governance controls and visibility across all data found in file folders, applications, and databases — it still leaves enterprises at risk.

Organizations that run disjointed, application-focused and data access governance solutions expose themselves to security risks which often stem from duplicated and inconsistent policies, access requests and certifications.

This strategy also lacks insightful context to effectively determine whether a user should have access to data and limits the ability for business users to effectively manage access to the data they know best.

SailPoint has evolved beyond data access governance with a comprehensive identity governance approach, where the right users are given the right access to the right applications and files, at the right time.

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