SailPoint’s Rich Keith discusses everything there is to know about access requests and the million-dollar question, “who has access to what” starts with access requests.

Video Transcript

Rich Keith: Access requests, what’s important to know? Well it’s really about automating and tracking the requests over time. We all know that employees need application access and data to do their work and this can change as time goes on. So when an employee needs access to new application or a data source like a network drive, they’re presented with a list of all the applications and data they could have access to.

Think of it like a shopping cart with approval. So by clicking one of those items then it’s either automatically provisioned, if that’s the policy, or it gets sent to somebody, usually their manager, who is going to approve that request. Access requests gives employees automated access to the data and the applications that they really need right when they need it. And people are much more productive because they’re not submitting helpdesk tickets and having access requests frees up the IT staff to do their job to. And since the system automatically creates an audit trail to make sure the company’s in compliance with its policies, then making sure that who has access to what starts with access requests.

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