The digitization of healthcare has been a powerful tool in creating better, faster, and more complete care for patients. Today’s technology enables patients and providers to view and share health records, eliminate duplicate tests, improve the overall care experience, and reduce time spent on administrative duties more easily. However, as advantageous as digitization has been for patients and healthcare professionals, it also creates a greater risk of data and access-related breaches.

Join this educational discussion to learn how through Identity Security you can reduce the friction between clinical staff and IT teams. Speakers will talk about how to recalibrate your digital transformation to ensure compliance and reduce the risk of vulnerabilities.

Attendees get best practices around the following:

1. Roles change, staff change – learn how to automate access regardless

2. Manage part-time and associates like FTE’s

3. Reduce the risk of breaches across your on-prem and cloud infrastructures

Participation in this session can be used towards continuing education or certifications.

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